PhoWheels is ForReals!


Sorry about the title.  I couldn’t resist.

The only Vietnamese food I’ve eaten is Pho.  To me, it is the Asian version of the chicken noodle soup.  When I’m sick, pho is what I want.  Also, when its cold outside, I want Pho. Basically, I like Pho. I’m also mostly vegan/vegarian (75% to 90%). I’m Vegan/vegetarian because I feel great when I don’t eat meat and dairy and I’m mostly  vegan/vegetarian because, well, I love the taste of Korean BBq, chicken parmigiana, brie cheese, etc.


You’re probably thinking, “Where’s this going?”.  Well, last week, I had one of the best vegetarian dishes, ever, period. And yes it was from PhoWheels, a food truck!


This amazing dish was the Vietnamese tacos with mushroom-onion tofu, cilantro, pickled carrots and daikon (yes, I had to look it up), sriracha lime mayo and roti canai (Malaysian flatbread).  My first bite, I thought the mayo overpowered the tacos, but by bite 3, everything worked in harmony.  The mushroom onion tofu was cooked amazingly well – just ever so firm on the outside and soft on inside and so very flavorful.  And I mention this because it’s difficult to cook tofu to get the right texture and it’s especially difficult to make it taste good, IMHO.  I bet there are some nodding heads out there.


The roti canai – It’s  flatbread that is just a little crunchy on the outside and thick-ish so it does not come apart when you eat the taco. This completes the package.

Only thing I regret from this PhoWheels experience is that I forgot to order a Vietnamese iced coffee.  Love that stuff.  Definitely ordering next time.

The Vietnamese Tacos is really a tasty dish and PhoWheels is now part of my “go to” trucks.  Thumbs up, 4 stars, “10”.  PhoWheels is awesome!

Check out PhoWheels on their website and social media.

Twitter – @phowheels

Keep on Food-Truckin.