KBBQ Box – The Wings! The Wings!



I Love Korean BBq!  I mean I absolutely love the stuff.  My friend, Andy and I went to Korean BBQ Taco Box for lunch today and ordered the Spicy Pork Rice Box.  The Spicy Pork came with small salad, what looked like 2 sliced egg rolls (not sure what sauce but was tasty) and chicken wing.  Also served with Rice with chia seeds ( I could be wrong, I don’t know my seeds too well). The wing and the BBq were marinated in spicy Korean Hot Pepper Paste (aka ko chu Jang) BBq sauce.  Also came with a Korean Yogurt drink – I don’t know how to pronounce it, all I know that it is sweet, good and compliments the spicy pork and chicken wing,   The wing was fantastic!  I’ve had Korean BBq wings before and I think these were some of the best I’ve had.  The pork BBQ was very tasty, with the onions caramelized just right.  Both the pork and chicken were tasty spicy but not so spicy that you need to drink a gallon of water.   Wings were so awesome, I’m just ordering them next time.

Only thing I wish they had on the menu is something vegetarian, maybe K-BBq tofu or stir fry vegetable.

I do recommend them.  Good eats!

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